SMS transforms customer engagement into an immediate and cost-effective tool for personalization, essential for a mobile-first mentality. Leading restaurant brands recognize SMS for its substantial return on investment. For those customers 'born-digital', SMS is an essential marketing strategy.

SMS is an Essential Marketing Channel for Restaurants

SOURCES: National Retail Federation, SimpleTexting, PC Mag



open rate for
SMS Marketing



of recipients respond
within 3 minutes



higher response rate
than email



increase in email open rates from SMS, for email-SMS integrated campaigns



of businesses in 2024 use SMS marketing software to text their customers

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revenue was attributed to SMS marketing by businesses

Phone Screen

Date-Triggered Messaging

Interactive Calendar Anniversary Reservation Last Visit Birthday
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Customer Engagement

Timed messaging meant to incite an action.

making plans
last minute promoslast minute promos
meal specials
happy hour
special events

SMS Number Options

SMS messaging is customizable to fit your campaign needs. Send your messages from a custom phone number (like your restaurant); or from an 800 number, or using a 'short code' which is an efficient way to deliver text messages with specific functions (like opt-in/opt-out).

 Toll-Free NumbersVanity Numbers
Number length10 Digits5-6 Digits
Throughput30 to 60 TPS5-500 TPS
MMS CapabilityYesYes

What's your data doing for you?

martech stack diagram

Marketing Automation

Our SMS powers a cycle of continuous engagement and data refinement on Fishbowl GRM. First-party data from SMS interactions enables you to segment and re-target customers with precision. This creates a feedback loop that enriches future SMS, email, loyalty and offer campaigns. It's a streamlined process that enhances personalization and drives overall marketing effectiveness.

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What is a Toll-Free Number?

A toll-free number is a 10-digit number starting with 8XX, offering the choice of selecting a vanity number. It enables businesses to maintain a single number for both voice and text communications, enhancing the customer experience. These numbers can support both SMS and MMS.

Can I Text Enable a Toll-Free Number?

Absolutely. You can send text messages using Toll-Free SMS from an 8XX number to mobile phones. This feature allows businesses to text-enable their existing toll-free number, streamlining communications by using the same number for voice and messaging.

What is the Reach of a Toll-Free Number?

Toll-free numbers allow you to communicate across the U.S. and Canada, supported universally by all carriers. This wide reach makes it a versatile tool for businesses aiming to connect with a broader audience.

Can I Get Delivery Receipts for Toll-Free Messaging?

Yes, in the U.S., toll-free messaging includes handset delivery receipts, providing businesses with confirmation that their messages have been successfully delivered.

How can I find out more about SMS pricing?

Fishbowl pricing can be found here:

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