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2024 Events - Fishbowl Coming to a City Near You!

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January 26, 2024
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We're hitting the road all year long in 2024. It'll be a year full of tourists, panelists and sponsorships, and we can't wait.


Restaurant365 Transformation Tour
Boston, MA
February 8

GuestXM Best Practices Conference
Dallas, TX
February 26-28


Restaurant Leadership Conference
Phoenix, AZ
April 14-17


Food on Demand Conference
Las Vegas, NV
May 4-6

National Restaurant Association Show
Chicago, IL
May 18-21


Restaurant365 Transformation Tour
Denver, CO
June 20


QSR Evolution Conference
Atlanta, GA
September 4-5

Anatole, TX
September 13-15


Restaurant365 Transformation Tour
Fort Lauderdale, FL
November 7

Restaurant Finance & Development Conference
Las Vegas, NV
November 11-13

See you soon.

Personica Announces Rebrand to Fishbowl, Champions Fishbowl GRM Tool

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April 25, 2023
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ALEXANDRIA, Va., April 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Personica, a leading provider of restaurant marketing solutions, today announced it will be changing its name back to Fishbowl, effective immediately.

The decision was made to embrace the company's legacy and strong brand recognition in the industry.

Fishbowl was a pioneer of digital marketing for the restaurant industry. Today the company has more than 50,000 restaurant customers; delivers almost nine billion email and SMS messages annually; and has created more than $10 billion in revenue for clients using our promotional offer platform. As the company looks to expand its reach, offering new products and improved customer service, it will do so under a name that clients can remember and trust.

In addition to the rebrand, Fishbowl recently introduced Fishbowl, the new Guest Relationship Management (GRM) tool designed to help restaurant owners use their own data to build and maintain relationships with their patrons, further enhancing the company's suite of solutions for the industry.

Adam Ochstein, CEO of Fishbowl, explained the decision behind the rebrand: "In my first year as CEO, I have spoken with hundreds of new and legacy clients, and nearly all of them know us as Fishbowl. With that kind of brand equity, we realize our best move is to stick to what has always worked, and continue as trailblazers for our restaurant partners."

The rebrand and product launch signal Fishbowl's continued commitment to providing innovative marketing solutions that cater to the unique needs of the restaurant industry.

For more information on Fishbowl and its offerings, visit the company's website at

Media Inquiries: Alex Wereminsky (

About Fishbowl: Fishbowl is the most powerful marketing and analytics platform for restaurants, with cutting-edge digital marketing tools and price/profit consulting services designed specifically for the industry. With innovations like Analytics Software and Promotions (2014); Price and Menu Optimization and Competitive Intelligence (2015); the Engage platform, CRM, Loyalty, and Digital Data Reports (2020); and Fishbowl GRM (2023); Fishbowl continues to help restaurants create personalized guest experiences while making data-driven decisions that increase profits. Relied on by more than 50,000 restaurants to engage guests and maximize revenue, Fishbowl is headquartered in Alexandria, VA, with offices in India and an international remote workforce.

Fishbowl Partners with Thanx to Boost Rewards Management Flexibility for Customers

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February 28, 2023
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Thanx, the leading loyalty and guest engagement platform, announced today its partnership with Fishbowl, a marketing and analytics platform with direct point of sale integrations.

This announcement from Thanx follows several recent updates to the platform, most notably the launch of a new advanced self-service loyalty engine and non-discount reward capabilities. Thanx focuses on helping restaurants retain their customers with flexible and dynamic loyalty programs focused on access, status, and personalization over rote discounts; and delivers marketing automations and lifecycle campaigns to enable segmented, personalized marketing for any-sized marketing team.

Fishbowl's CEO, Adam Ochstein, expanded on the partnership, “We’re excited to partner with Thanx to deliver more seamless transactions and redemptions for their customers. In the mobile-first market, in-store guest engagement is often overlooked. This partnership will enable restaurants and staff to better connect with every guest.”

Fishbowl Unveils Groundbreaking Mobile App for Restaurants

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February 14, 2023
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Delightable Centralizes and Harmonizes Guest Data to Drive Marketing, Operations and Business Decisions

Fishbowl, the most respected marketing and analytics platform for restaurants, has launched Delightable, a powerful Guest Relationship Management tool.

Guest Relationship Management, or GRM, is like CRM, but built specifically for restaurant operators. More than an over-built sales tool, Delightable provides insights to solve a myriad of strategic and tactical challenges that restaurant operators face each day.

"Delightable is more than just a restaurant marketing platform – it's an operational game-changer." - Adam Ochstein, CEO

The Delightable app pulls a restaurant's data — including Point of Sale, Reservations, Delivery, Online Ordering and more.

That data is then harmonized and enriched with Fishbowl's own guest database of over 225 million records, providing the restaurant or chain with highly informed guest profiles that can maximize every brand interaction.

Smart segmentation gives users the ability to create restaurant-specific audiences on demand; and develop custom multi-channel campaigns designed for how people relate to restaurants: through Email, SMS, In App, Push, Social – even real-time, on-premise, in-dining experiences.

For the first time, from a single dashboard interface, restaurant marketers can organize, amplify and segment data to better understand their audience, and reach them on any channel.

But Delightable is more than a marketing tool.

With detailed insights about guest preferences, habits, interactions and transactions, Delightable can predict how people will respond to offers, promotions or trends. Operators can use this critical information to decide factors like:

  • When and how to plan the next promotion
  • Menu and price optimization
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Staffing and sourcing direction
  • Expansion opportunities in new locations
  • And so much more

Inflation, supply chain issues, staffing, training and retention remain the biggest challenges within the industry. Delightable offers a new way to address these concerns with sight lines into how audiences will respond to the decisions a restaurant makes.

Fishbowl CEO Adam Ochstein is thrilled for what Delightable means for restaurants: "Last year I spoke with more than one hundred of our clients at every level – the sentiment was they needed a restaurant-focused approach to managing all their data. We realized that once you pair that data with ours, you have a compelling resource for making decisions across the board. That's why Delightable is more than just a marketing platform – it's an operational game-changer."

"The pandemic created a digital-first mentality within the industry, resulting in advancements like online ordering, QR-codes and dynamic pricing. 9 out of 10 restaurants think automation is essential to hospitality," said Brandon Flude, VP Engineering. "Delightable is the one app that can influence nearly every one of these areas of your restaurant operations."

Adam's fondness for the industry is reflected in Delightable's Valentine's Day launch date and tagline: "Made with love for restaurants."

To get started new and existing customers can sign up at here.

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