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Accessing data is the first step to setting your restaurant up on Fishbowl. Rather than information siloed in multiple databases, we developed a partner ecosystem to pull your data from any source – Point of Sale, Reservations, Delivery, Online Ordering and more – onto the GRM platform.

The problems with fragmented data:
Too many accounts. Too many passwords. Too many users. Too many locations. No data organization. No central repository for data. No data security. No new ways to capture data. No good way to act on data.

The solution.

Connections Marketplace
Connections Marketplace offers integrations with the restaurant industry’s leading providers, many of which you’re likely already using.

When all of your data is centralized onto the Fishbowl Guest Relationship Management platform, you have the rocket fuel to power next-level marketing technologies to reach audiences on demand, and at scale.

Why a GRM?

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Build Profiles

Create 360° guest profiles that will inform and maximize every brand interaction. Glean new insights to create targeted offers and create loyal customers.

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Build Audiences

Enhance marketing strategies and boost guest lifetime value by identifying and engaging like-minded audiences across different platforms.

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Automate Marketing

Optimize through automation: Enhance frequency, recency, and spend by creating deeply personalized strategies based on guest behaviors.

What’s next? Learn how we use AI to power Natural Language Search so you can build audience segmentation in plain English.

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Partners in the Connections Marketplace

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Leverage Delightable's guest intelligence GRM to increase your restaurant's revenue from 10% to 20%.

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