Guest WiFi

Say goodbye to passwords and hello to profits.

Provide your guests with a branded WiFi portal to transform your high-speed network into a cutting edge marketing tool.

  • Recognize guests when they step onto the premises
  • Promote targeted ads or offers to a captive audience
  • Sync your data to Fishbowl GRM

Guest WiFi syncs seamlessly with the Fishbowl GRM platform, giving you to power to provide a branded browsing experience, and create opportunities to reach and re-target your most loyal customers in the process.

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Guest Wifi
Guest Wifi - chat on phone

The Best Way to Connect with On-Premise Guests

Without a taking reservation or an order, most restaurants don't have sight lines into who walks through the front door.

With Guest WiFi, you have the power to harness guest information upon arrival, and to recognize repeat customers on subsequent visits.

Understanding your customers before they even engage with your staff creates opportunities: like sending an automated message about an item they may enjoy; or a promotion your restaurant is running; or a re-engagment email designed to reconnect with a lapsed guest that happens to be nearby.

Guest WiFi ROI Calculation

Offering your guests a branded, interactive loading interface can provide direct and immediate ROI. Here's how:

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ROI Calculation

New Reoccurring Customers
(5% of Monthly WiFi Users)

75 /month

Added Monthly Revenue
Generated from WiFi

(New Recurring Customers x Average Purchase Amount)

$ 1875 /month

Every Guest WiFi check-in becomes a catalyst to expand your marketing ROI and extend your brand.

Leverage that data to grow your social media, boost reviews or increase your email lists in real time.

And that's just the start, because once your data integrates with the Fishbowl platform, you have more information to build audiences and expedite your Automated Marketing campaigns.

Guest Access on Your Terms - iphone screen

Guest Access
on Your Terms

Stop changing passwords. Let guests log on with email. You set hours, duration and permissions.

Fully-Branded Experience - iphone screen

Fully-Branded Experience

Our tech. Your brand. Now Guest WiFi can become a platform to showcase menus, upcoming events or customized ads.

Integrated System - iphone screen

Integrated System

Integrated with more than 30 leading enterprise hardware solutions to leverage your existing investments. Guest WiFi offers a consistent experience, regardless of WiFi infrastructure.

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Customized Guest Wi-Fi Portals

Customized Guest Wi-Fi Portals

  • Increase customer loyalty with automated email, SMS or social campaigns
  • Drive sales with trackable and redeemable coupon campaigns
  • Manage multiple access levels within a multi-tenant dashboard and permission levels
  • Control WiFi usage with tools to limit bandwidth and session times; block adult content and unwanted guests
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What's your data doing for you?

The information you get from Guest WiFi fuels the Delightable Platform.

Marketing Automation

Fishbowl's Guest WiFi transforms your restaurant into a data powerhouse, capturing valuable first-party data that fuels your marketing strategies. By integrating this data with the Fishbowl GRM platform, you can refine your online ordering insights into precisely-targeted marketing segments.

This information is key, allowing you to craft campaigns based on demographics, behaviors, and preferences, driving the effectiveness of your Marketing Automation efforts.

Marketing Automation
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