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Your Revenue Growth Engine

  • Save thousands in third-party fees
  • Keep your own customer data
  • Sync seamlessly with the Fishbowl GRM

Tired of giving your hard-earned income to third party ordering apps? Can't keep up with high commissions? Need more control over the process? Want to keep more of your money?

Scaling your restaurant empire begins with growing the value of your brand.

Fishbowl's Online Ordering feature offers restaurants a turn-key approach to having a robust, viable online ordering website with an attractive visual menu, centralized menu management, and on-the-fly editing for last-minute changes.

Fully-branded. Mobile-friendly. Available to publish to all your apps. Hosted on your own website.

Build your own menu store, like this one.

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How Fishbowl's
Online Ordering Works

76% of Customers:
A Good Ordering Experience is a Must

When a guest visits your online menu, they're ready to order. The last thing you want to do is make it hard for them with cumbersome navigation or a clunky purchase process.

From browsing through checkout, Fishbowl offers an end-to-end experience that makes it easy on you, and your guests.

A good ordering experience can make a good meal great, and increase the value of your brand.apps. Hosted on your own website.

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Your Own Branded Online Store

A branded and seamlessly integrated online ordering system fosters customer trust, resulting in lower cart abandonment and enhanced conversion rates.

  • Pixel-perfect menus precisely match your branding guidelines
  • Standard, text-only or visually-immersive menus
  • Mobile-friendly and app-ready
  • 3-4 week launch window
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Maximize Revenue Potential
  • Streamline Operations
Your Own Branded Online Store

Increase Efficiency Without a Huge Investment in Time & Money

You don't have to be a web pro to have a professional website.

Menu Management

Menu Management

Centrally manage all menus and publish changes with a single click across your connected website, app, Google Online Ordering and other channels. You’ll be able to:

  • Pause menu items and reschedule
  • Visually rearrange your online menu
  • Control specials and discounts by day, time, and service type
  • Control peak order management
  • Customize delivery rules

...and much more

Zuppler-Order Management

Order Management

As orders come in, Fishbowl's Online Ordering gives you sight lines into every stage of fulfillment, with all the controls you need to manage from a single dashboard.

  • Manage orders simply, no matter how specialized your menu or order
  • Manage order notification forms in a way that work for your restaurant
  • Customize order workflows to keep you connected to your guests throughout the process
  • Control peak order management

...and much more to give you complete control

Boost Your Revenue Even Further

Innovation that lets you find and keep more of your own money.

Always Be Upselling - Online Dashboard

Always Be Upselling

We use machine learning to identify the best add-on suggestions for any order. Cart upsells have boosted order averages by as much as 18%.

If you're looking for an edge at the margins, an 18% gain from your own website puts more profit where it belongs: your pocket.

Be a Deal Builder

Be a Deal Builder

Fishbowl offers a flexible deal-building tool that can be implemented on-demand. From buy-one-get-one deals (BOGOs) toto ree items, percentage off or a flat discount, restaurants have the controls they need to drive more purchases

  • Promote specific items and increase order sizes
  • Reach unique audience segmentation with a tailored deal
  • Schedule availability as needed
  • Add promo codes for tracking

Offers have elevated average order value and contributed to a 15.5% surge in monthly order revenue, without cannibalizing revenue through cash incentives.

We Make It Easier for Guests to Find You

People are searching. We can make sure you're on their radar, and their devices.

Get Onto Google

Get Onto Google

Take advantage of Google Ordering and turn searches into sales.

3 out of every 17 searches on Google is for "food near me."

Let your customers order directly from your restaurant on Google, driving increased monthly orders and attracting new customers.

App Alert: iOS & Android Ready

App Alert: iOS & Android Ready

Not only will Fishbowl publish to any of your existing digital platforms, but we can create your own freestanding mobile app for iPhone or Android.

Cater to the growing demand for convenient ordering with a branded mobile app that compliments your websites, streamlines the ordering experience and drives increased sales.

What's your data doing for you?

The information you collect from your ordering website is like rocket fuel for marketing.

Fishbowl GRM - online ordering diagram

How the guest experience improves when you own your online ordering.

Fishbowl is able to start collecting data the instant someone lands on your online ordering page. As they browse, select items and check-out through a shopping cart that you control, data gets fed into the platform.

Now you can create a branded relationship that solidifies the transaction, and can also be leveraged to create future marketing opportunities, turning a one-time customer into a long-term guest, with higher lifetime value (LTV).

Marketing Automation

Online ordering websites generate a vast amount of first-party data that you can use to inform a myriad of digital marketing strategies.

Use the Fishbowl platform to harmonize your online ordering data into target-rich marketing segments based on demographics, behaviors and preferences.

This is the fuel that powers Marketing Automation, including email, SMS, Gift Cards and Loyalty.

Fishbowl GRM flow chart
Loyalty & Marketing Automation Engine

Loyalty & Marketing Automation Engine

This dynamic duo has proven to revitalize inactive customers, deepen loyalty among regulars, and boost revenue during off-peak merchant hours.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

An innovative marketing feature that enhances your immediate sales, secures future purchases, and boosts customer acquisition, making it a transformative asset for your business.

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