Tips for Valentine’s emails

December 18, 2023
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Tips for Valentine’s emails

Valentine’s Day is three weeks from today. Here are some quick tips to share the love and help your messaging stand out.

Holiday-themed messages outperform everyday messages, and Valentine’s Day is the ideal occasion to promote your restaurant. In 2024, more than 30% of National Retail Federation survey respondents planned ‘an evening out’ — that’s business you should capitalize on.

Some considerations to ensure you get the most love (opens) for your Valentine’s Day promotional email messages this year:

Get personal.

Personalize the experience for recipients to get a bump in open rate anywhere from 25-35% or more!

  • Consider using the recipient’s name in the subject line: “[NAME], your Valentine’s table is ready! ❤️❤️❤️”
  • Use the recipient’s name in the content of the email too: “Hey [NAME],”
  • Use a real name (instead of a restaurant or company name) as the sender. (Fact: 42% of people look at the sender’s name before deciding whether or not to open an email.)
  • Choose your words wisely.

Emails with subject lines that included Valentine’s Day messaging get another 4% or more higher open rate.

Subject lines containing the following words also get high engagement:

  • Sweet/Sweetheart/Sweeter/Sweetest/Sweeten
  • Love/Lovers/Amore
  • Valentine’s Day/symbol/emoji
  • Plan ahead. 
  • Test emojis in subject lines; check images and copy across browsers and devices to ensure they’re consistent.
  • Be on time. 

The best time to send your emails is the week before Valentine’s Day week. Holiday messaging open rates for the first week of February (2/1-2/7) were 39% higher than the open rates for the week immediately leading up to Valentine’s Day (2/8 – 2/14).

Get all the love you deserve this Valentine’s Day — and if you need a little help with your Restaurant Marketing, the sweethearts at Fishbowl can help

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