Fishbowl Product Update for March 2024

March 1, 2024
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Audience Segmentation

The latest updates from our segmentation tool let you create and segment audiences on the fly.

  • Use A/I to find guests using spoken English
  • Let the Fishbowl GRM platform suggest segments
  • Easily find your existing segments

Fishbowl GRM's Segmentation Dashboard offers an intuitive visual interface, with all your tools in one place to make faster informed decisions without having to cross-reference spreadsheets, notes or the back of an envelope.

Ask Harmony: A/I Powered Natural Language Search

Rather than having to write long search queries, Fishbowl GRM utilizes AI to let users find specific groups with ‘spoken’ English. Marketers can simply ask the database a question, or type in a sentence describing the information they want; and then create a targetable segment for use in marketing automation.

Suggested Segments

Fishbowl GRM segmentation now comes pre-loaded with a library of industry-standard segments most-commonly used by restaurants. This library includes suggestions for:

  • Campaigns: opens, clicks, filter by date or days
  • Memberships: acquisition source
  • Reservations: status, filter by date or days
  • Tags: events or holidays
  • Transactions: location, frequency, recency, spend and behavior types

Note: If a segment you need doesn't exist, our team can work with you to build a custom segment.

My Segments

Easy-to-read glance at all your existing segments, with color-coded criteria to efficiently select past audiences quickly.

Future Segmentation Improvements

In the months ahead we will be introducing advanced features, such as the ability to combine segments with guest journeys, for an even better way to engage your audiences based on their preferences and behaviors.

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