Member Profiler

Understand your members' individual profiles. Access a complete and organized view of each member’s data attributes, including demographics, campaign response, and promotion response.                              Powered by the Fishbowl Data Platform.

messaging, loyalty, crm

Product Benefits

Better serve your members through interactions based on knowledge of who they are and how they engage with your brand

Piece together personas and characteristics of members by browsing their profile cards

Cater directly to your members needs by accessing the details of their activities

Product Capabilities

Search your member database on name, email, or phone number to quickly find and view profile cards

Browse through members with similar demographic attributes

Get in-depth registration details, demographics, campaign response, and redemption activity with transaction summary

The Key to Personalization

Personalization is critical to creating a differentiated and positive experience for your guests. Member profiler all available personalization details for each member in a fast and organized interface.

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