VERTS “It factor”? Making Social a Fabric of Their Brand

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An Emerging Brands 2017 profile:

When we scour social media each year to find stand-out restaurant brands, we start with simple metrics—rating, traffic counts, visits, etc.—to get an outline picture. But the true wealth of information lies in review text, where customers share their experience in their own words—often down to an incredible level of detail. Further, VERTS knows that social media is much more than just a venue for fan interaction—in fact, they have used social feedback to drive decision-making that has contributed to the very fabric of their brand. In this sense they have invited their customer to the planning table—they walk the walk.

VERTS innovation stems from acting quickly to capitalize on the latest social and mobile trends.  In 2016, VERTS’ staff threw a Poké Party at one of their stores selected to be a PokéStop during the height of the Pokémon Go craze. They invited the media, players and staff to post photos on social media as a way of promoting the VERTS brand name.

In VERTS, we recognized some of our own analytical approaches to measuring brand health via social data. The role of influencers in social media is such an important one, but because it is trickier to quantify it isn’t always properly measured. The concept is simple – the more friends/higher status a reviewer has, the more exposure the review will have—so of course, this is a critical audience to corral. Tracking, quantifying and acting on this important feedback is a brilliant addition to the approach to smart growth. To this rare social media analytics savvy, add fresh, delicious food that patrons love—and you have an exciting combination. We certainly think so, and that is why VERTS is our #2 Emerging Brand of 2017.

Founded in Austin, TX, VERTS is Mediterranean food, launched by German founders, Michael Heyne and Dominik Stein, inspired by memories of their native Europe. Pitas, wraps, salads and rice bowls are made from scratch – described as simple and but bold.