Competitor Menu Price Intel In Your Segment and Markets


Fishbowl’s PriceWatch™ provides the intel you need to make profitable decisions, without the cost, hassle, and limitation of collecting competitive intelligence on your own. We analyze and distill massive amounts of data — giving you the information to grow your bottom line.

Competitor Set. Choose full service or limited service focus. Reports include all available brands in Fishbowl’s competitor database. Customize by adding desired brands.

Locations. Select your markets and level of detail (market or store level data). Customize by adding additional locations to increase the number of stores in your report.

Products. View entry level through premium prices on unique brand centric items, as well as commodity items. View by category as well as product name.

Trends. Track price changes by product and location for brands in your segment and markets. Discover potential opportunities to inform your pricing strategy and make profitable decisions.

Report. Interactive dashboard featuring restaurant brand names, products and locations
in selected markets. Access to underlying data for seamless integration into your existing processes.

The Right Data. The Right Mix. Fishbowl collects menu price data, slices and dices it in a reporting dashboard and repeats over time to show important trends in by store and markets.

The Right People to Help You Figure It Out. From syndicated reports (PriceWatchTM) to fully customized dashboards and audits (PricePositionTM), Fishbowl has a solution for every budget. We do the work, so you can keep your teams focused on serving your customers.

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