eatsa’s “It Factor”? Ahead to the Basics

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eatsa It Factor

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Do you prefer the traditional nostalgia of the iconic 1950s automat, with its coin-operated food via windowed cube, or do you aspire to futuristic Jetson fare, where food appears instantly with the tap of a few buttons? Social reviews of eatsa resound with similar comparisons extolling its uniqueness – it is also described as magical, food of the future, high-tech, convenient, surprising, artsy, easy and fun. eatsa is even compared to Disneyland. Little wonder eatsa made Fishbowl’s Emerging Brands list of 2017.

The consumer draw to eatsa is a combination of compelling factors – some we see over and over, and some are fairly new on the scene. On one hand, reviewers repeatedly praise the portions for the price point, the speed of service and the seamless ordering experience, both onsite and via mobile app pre-order. These features alone can be enough to bolster ratings and return rates – and are common contributors to success.

But the ‘It Factor’ for eatsa lies in the intersection of its ordering system and its unique offerings. Customers are greeted by eatsa’s sleek modern design and ordering kiosks. If they haven’t already placed orders using a mobile device, guests scroll through kiosks to make their selections and pay – and within minutes, their food arrives. The menu is comprised of veggie-based quinoa bowl entrees, in a wide variety of pre-set flavors, or available for customization. The vegetarian fare doesn’t appeal to everyone but even committed carnivores admit they enjoy both the experience and the meal. In theory, a customer can enter the store, order, pay and leave without any human interaction – some love this and call it advancement, others fear it and call it the end of society as we know it. Regardless, more often than not, they come back.

This combination of high-tech and hands off operations with back-to-basics healthy, tasty, vegetarian fare highlights two important maxims. One of the best uses of restaurant technology is to simplify guest processes and sometimes the simplest dishes, prepared well, are the biggest crowd pleasers.

Described as “Better, Faster Food” eatsa was founded in San Francisco by Scott Drummond and Tim Young to “help nutritious sustainable food win.”

This blog was written by Fishbowl’s Katharine Dalton, Analyst, Primary Data.