Are You Sure Your Customers Are Truly Loyal?

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Download the “Where Should We Go For Dinner?” White Paper:

Think about it. You’re receiving high satisfaction ratings from customers, you’ve got good social media buzz, but these seemingly happy customers are not necessarily coming back.

A recent White Box Social Intelligence Survey indicated “intent to return” decreased by 6.4% year over year despite food attributes remaining essentially flat and service satisfaction increasing 10.2%. So then, what’s the problem?  It could be your customer loyalty.

While on the surface, everything may seem hunky-dory – restaurants have fueled the overall rise in loyalty program membership1, – when you take a deeper dive, you’ll see that most loyalty programs are not delivering the ROI associated with having true customer engagement.  Is your loyalty program falling into the bucket of being one-dimensional, focusing strictly on transaction value? Fishbowl and rDialogue’s joint white paper “Where Should We Go for Dinner?” peels back the onion on overall restaurant loyalty trends.

“Having a broader view of all customers, their dining behavior and brand engagement behavior enables operators to deploy customer loyalty strategies that are meaningful and relevant – either with an explicit program or an implicit loyalty program or both if so desired, say Mike Lukianoff, Fishbowl’s Chief Analytics Officer.” This data-driven, customer-centric approach is reaping dividends to those who use it: 77% of restaurants with an integrated data platform exceed revenue goals2.

So, while you’re investing money in the customer dining experience and the food, don’t forget the third leg of the stool.  Know your customer.  By doing so, you’ll engender loyalty resulting in the much-desired repeat visit and forgiveness when the dining experience may not live up to expectations.

1Source: The 2015 COLLOQUY Loyalty Census, Big Numbers, Big Hurdles

2Source: “How Restaurants Win In the Age of the Customer: Savvy Restaurants Transform Data Into Guest Insights,” Forrester Research, Inc., October 2015