Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Know what your customers are saying.

Feedback is a gift. When you know what your customers are saying, you gain insights into areas of improvement. Fishbowl's Reputation Management system lets you:

Track and compile reviews from key websites, all in one place.

Get email alerts when new reviews of your restaurant are posted.

See how your online reputation stacks up to neighboring businesses and competitors.

Monitor the “social buzz” you’re generating across all social media platforms.

Listen To Your Guests

It’s absolutely essential that independent restaurants keep track of online guest conversations and respond to them appropriately when necessary – whether guest commentary is positive or negative. It sounds intimidating, but our tools make it simple.

Did You Know?

Responding to negative reviews can help turn a dissatisfied customer into a repeat customer. Always address negative reviews with a friendly response and invite guests to contact you directly with any concerns.

Solutions Built From Experience

With nearly two decades of experience serving restaurant owners and operators, our software is created with busy restaurateurs in mind. Let us help you grow traffic, develop brand loyalty and increase revenue.

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