Guest Enrollment

Guest Enrollment

Get new e-club members while they’re inside your four walls.

Our guest enrollment solution provides you with the tools you need to grow your e-club and drive repeat business. Here’s how we do it:

We print in-store loyalty program signup slips and ship them to you.

Production and shipping for standard signup slips are on us.

Upon receipt, Fishbowl updates your guest database with your new e-club members to trigger a loyalty message.

Join the club

Setting up an e-club is an affordable and effective way to identify and connect with your best customers. Capture their information while they’re in your restaurant (after a delicious meal, perhaps?) and give them a reason to visit you again.

Did You Know?

Our guest enrollment tools make it easy for you to collect and store guest contact information.

Members of your e-club don’t only provide a consistent source of revenue – they can help you find new guests as well.

A Decade of Experience

With more than a decade of experience managing a database of over 59 million guests and a team well versed in restaurant industry best practices, we can help you set objectives, plan promotions and evaluate performance.

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