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White Paper: How Should Restaurants Prepare for the Inevitable Rebound

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Monday, May 18

USA Today: Coronavirus reopening: Every state’s social distancing measures, restrictions on movement

Saturday, May 16 – Sunday, May 17

CNBC: Texas coronavirus cases tick higher as state forges ahead with reopening

Friday, May 15

Nation’s Restaurant News: CDC releases guidelines for reopening restaurant dining rooms and bars Survey – only 1 in 12 would dine in a restaurant today

NBC News: Coronavirus aid assistance for undocumented immigrants in California kicks off on May 18

Thursday, May 14

FOX News: Are buffet restaurants in trouble after coronavirus reopening?

Wednesday, May 13

NBC Today: What is a COVID-19 surcharge? Why some restaurants are adding an extra fee to your bill

SmartBrief: Quickserve restaurants: Marketing post-coronavirus

ABC News: What’s your state’s coronavirus reopening plan?

Nation’s Restaurant News: New Uber Eats coronavirus safety protocols emphasize accountability of restaurants, consumers, drivers

NPD: COVID-19 and British foodservice – Q1 Impact

Tuesday, May 12

CNBC: Fauci delivers somber warnings, California sets new rules for reopening restaurants

Eater NY: Mayor Bill de Blasio Supports Delivery Fee Cap

New York Post: These face masks come with a straw hole for sipping cocktails

Monday, May 11

NPD: U.S. Restaurant Chain Transaction Declines Improve for Three Consecutive Weeks, Declining 26% in Week Ending May 3 Compared to 32% Prior Week

NRN: Pent-up demand grows as restaurants reopen in pandemic

Friday, May 8

CNBC: When will restaurants and bars reopen? Here’s what experts are saying

Thursday, May 7

NPD: While Total U.S. Restaurant Traffic Declines by 22% in March, Digital and Delivery Orders Jump by Over 60%

Wednesday, May 6

Forbes: Four Things Restaurants Must Address To Come Back From COVID-19 South Korea – A Roadmap to COVID-19 Economic Recovery…

Tuesday, May 5

ABC News: Prospect of reopening amid COVID-19 crisis has some restaurateurs balking

QSR Magazine: How Restaurants Can Tell their Story During COVID-19, and Why it Matters

NPD: U.S. Restaurant Chain Transaction Declines Continue to Ease in Week Ending April 26

Monday, May 4

CNN: Customer leaves $1,300 tip to support Texas restaurant on day it reopened after coronavirus shutdown

BuzzFeed: This Restaurant’s “Exhausting” List Of Coronavirus Procedures Shows How Hard It Is To Reopen

Saturday, May 2 – Sunday, May 3

Food & Wine: Food & Wine Partners with Southern Smoke Foundation for Nationwide COVID-19 Relief

Motley Fool: Takeout Is Casual Dining’s Lifeline During the Pandemic

CNET: When will my city reopen? Here’s what life could be like after lockdown ends

Friday, May 1

Yahoo! News: McDonald’s tests restaurant designed to combat COVID-19 spread

PR Newswire: OpenTable Waives Fees and Updates Features to Help Restaurants Prepare for Reopening Post COVID-19

Thursday, April 30

CNBC: More than a third of the population live in states that are partially reopened or will be soon

Morning Brew: Tracker: When Each U.S. State Is Reopening Its Economy (segmented from soonest to latest)

Wednesday, April 29

NPD: Coronavirus Relief Checks Help Ease U.S. Restaurant Transaction Declines in Week Ending April 19

MarketWatch: U.S. will audit small-business loans above $2 million and warns of ‘criminal liability’ for false certifications

Nation’s Restaurant News: States roll out reopening plans for restaurants, despite concerns

RetailDive: How COVID-19 could change the retail landscape

Tuesday, April 28

Restaurant Business: What’s necessary to reopen? Depends where you are.

NPR: Small Business Loans Site Crashes On First Day Of Reopening

USDA: Will COVID-19 Threaten Availability and Affordability of our Food?

Nation’s Restaurant News: Texas to allow restaurants to reopen at 25% of dine-in capacity on May 1

Monday, April 27

CNN: This is where all 50 states stand on reopening

NPD: Total restaurant customer transactions decline by 36% compared to 43% decrease prior week

Nation’s Restaurant News: Coronavirus relief loan program PPP scheduled to resume accepting new applications on April 27

Nation’s Restaurant News: Small Business Administration changes guidance for the Paycheck Protection Program

Saturday, April 25 – Sunday, April 26

Restaurant Business: TN, GA Set Reopening Standards for Restaurants

NY Times: See Which States Are Reopening and Which Are Still Shut Down

ABC News: Howard Schultz, fearing restaurant closures after COVID-19 pandemic, says more needs to be done

QSR Magazine: The Importance of Restaurant Pest Control During COVID-19

Friday, April 24

NRA: Restaurant Industry Blueprint for Recovery (PDF)

Black Box Financial Intelligence: Comp sales growth improved for the second consecutive week YOY compared to the previous week

Politico: SBA warns big companies on seeking small business loans after backlash

Thursday, April 23

Nation’s Restaurant News: Best strategies for reopening restaurants in the coronavirus era

CNN: Another 4.4 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week

Reuters: U.S. House poised to pass more Coronavirus aid

Wednesday, April 22

Fox News: Research warns coronavirus may have spread via air conditioning in Chinese restaurant

QSR Magazine: 5 Innovative Ways Restaurants Can Drive Sales During COVID-19

L.A. Times: L.A. County will list restaurants that have had COVID-19 outbreaks online

Tuesday, April 21

CNBC: Senate passes $484 billion coronavirus bill for small business and hospital relief, testing

QSR Magazine: When COVID-19 Ends, Here’s How Restaurants Will Win

Forbes: Food Supply Chain Automation Could Be A Bright Spot For Restaurants Amidst The COVID-19 Fight

Good Housekeeping: List of Restaurant Chains Offering Free Meals and Deals

Monday, April 20

NPD: U.S. Restaurant Chain Transactions Continue Downward Trend with A 43% Decline in Week Ending April 12

Bon Appetit: Closures, Takeout, and Relief Efforts: How Food Businesses Nationwide Are Handling Coronavirus

Fast Company: You should give every restaurant 5 stars on Yelp during the pandemic

Roaming Hunger: Guide to Ghost Kitchens (2020): All You Need to Know

Restaurant Business: Georgia To Re-Open Dining Rooms Next Week

Saturday, April 18 – Sunday, April 19

MarketWatch: Restaurant industry asks Congress for $240 billion in federal aid to survive coronavirus

Forbes: The Restaurmart Will Be The New Post Covid-19 Restaurant Model

USA Today: Will your favorite restaurant reopen? More coronavirus relief sought for survival

TechCrunch: Tech for good during COVID-19: Children’s book, phone booths, and aperitifs

Friday, April 17

CNN: USDA aide provides a lifeline to farmers, American Farm Bureau says

NY Times: Feeding Essential Workers, and Putting Restaurants Back to Work

Thursday, April 16

USA Today: Stimulus program for small businesses runs out of money as Congress remains at odds over more funds

NY Times: White House Offers Reopening Guidelines as U.S. Deaths Surge

Wednesday, April 15

NRA: New – COVID-19 Resources by State (Interactive)

Forbes: A Look At The New Restaurant Reality During COVID

Food & Wine: Here’s What Dining at Restaurants Could Look Like When COVID-19 Restrictions Are Lifted

Time: Coronavirus Is Hurting the Restaurant Industry. Here’s How It Could Change the Future of Food

Restaurant Business: Restaurant operators get multiple seats on Trump’s reopening panel

Tuesday, April 14

NRA: New – COVID-19 Resources by State (Interactive)

Forbes: A Look At The New Restaurant Reality During COVID

QSR Magazine: 13 Things That Could Change for Restaurants After COVID-19

CNBC: Delivering donated meals to coronavirus workers is helping keep these restaurants in business

Restaurant Business: How Restaurants Can Protect Against COVID-19 and Enforce Food Safety as They Shift To Takeout and Delivery Formats

Monday, April 13

NRN: Grubhub’s relief plan for restaurant industry: reduce fees for consumers, not restaurants

Eater NY: A New Restaurant and Real Estate Supergroup Bands Together for Business Recovery Effort Restaurants coming to the rescue amid COVID-19

Business Insider: The coronavirus pandemic is the restaurant industry’s biggest challenge in ‘over three decades,’ says DoorDash CEO

Saturday, April 11 – Sunday, April 12

Restaurant Business: How will the COVID-19 crisis change consumer dining behavior?

Eater: By the Numbers: How the Coronavirus Pandemic Continues to Devastate the Restaurant Industry

L.A. Times: Amid conronavirus, L.A. restaurants embrace social media FDA Temporarily Lifts Nutrition-Labeling Regulations for Restaurants

Friday, April 10

QSRWeb: Frontline QSR, pizza workers walk out over COVID-19 fear

NRN: Taco Bell to launch employee temperature checks, increase use of masks Restaurants Helping Their Communities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Eater: Restaurants Fight Insurance Companies Over Coronavirus-Related Losses

Restaurant Business: CDC Updates Best Practices for Protecting Restaurant Staffs

Thursday, April 9

The FDA’s current guidance remains “there is no evidence to suggest that food produced in the United States can transmit COVID-19,” consistent with similar guidance from the CDC.

In response to launching a grocery delivery service, Panera Bread CEO stated “This is rapid-fire innovation, this is not like business as usual…we have to move quickly to where the customer is, what the customers’ needs are.”

Panera is one of many brands now offering both ingredients and other consumables for customer purchase – and a national distributor who supplies those goods is also now selling direct to consumers.

CGA UK: COVID-19: Changing consumer behaviours in lockdown (free report)

NRN: Where restaurant workers can get financial help during the coronavirus crisis

NPR News: Coronavirus fears shouldn’t keep you from ordering takeout, experts say

USA Today: Need toilet paper or eggs? You might be able to find these in-demand items at restaurants amid COVID-19

OC Register: Restaurant Depot stores open to the public amid coronavirus pandemic

Wednesday, April 8

Subway and Panera Bread have launched ‘groceraut’ services.

The FDA has given restaurants flexibility to change their takeout and delivery menus without updating nutritional disclosures accordingly.

Citing feedback from a Virtual Summit on how COVID-19 will re-shape the future of our industry, The Spoon shares “…two big points stuck out: the menu needs to teach consumers how to eat healthier and it needs to be redesigned for the off-premises format.”

Sysco and C&S have developed their own version of a Paycheck Protection Program – the former is loaning idle warehouse and delivery employees to the latter who is struggling to keep up with grocer demand. Local restaurants should consider similar partnerships with local grocery retailers.

The Spoon: COVID-19 Summit: How a Global Pandemic Will Reinvent the Restaurant Menu

Yahoo!: Chipotle Launches New Egift Card Program To Support Healthcare Heroes

Supermarket News: C&S Wholesale Grocers, Sysco partner to supply groceries to New York

Restaurant Business: Pandemic Puts Tensions Between Restaurants and Third-Party Delivery in Crosshairs

NRN: How restaurant chains are catering to families, kids during the coronavirus pandemic

Tuesday, April 7

3% of restaurant operators have closed their restaurants permanently, 44% have closed temporarily, and 11% anticipate closing permanently within the next 30 days. Just 14% of restaurants believe they’re going to be in better shape when the impact concludes (varies widely by format).

Per Datassential, the vast majority of operators don’t think COVID-19 will subside anytime soon. More than 60 percent are preparing for a 3–6 month hit; 13 percent said this will be our “new normal;” and 26 percent believe it will be over in 30–45 days. The new normal – digital accessibility, menu refinement, employee benefits, sanitation procedures, supplier and distributor impact, and balance sheets – will all vary by format, geography, brand position, and chain size and footprint.

Consumers are increasingly ‘eating to live’ over ‘living to eat,’ and viewing the daily practice as more of a necessity than an experience – which can favor QSR concepts given their general focus on value.

NRN: Restaurant transactions fall 42% in week ended March 29, NPD says

Forbes: Open For Takeout: Part 1: A Restaurant’s Journey Through The COVID-19 Pandemic

QSR Magazine: COVID-19’s Impact, from the Perspective of Restaurant Owners

Forbes:Chefs Seek More Federal Aid To Keep Independent Restaurants Alive Post COVID-19

NRN: How restaurant chains are catering to families, kids during the coronavirus pandemic

Monday, April 6

According to Lieberman Inc. / FRC Research New York, 35% of the total U.S. population is aware of The Great American Takeout and the program has raised $175,000 to date for charitable organizations supporting restaurant workers.

NRA adds courses to its free offerings to help homebound restaurant employees upskill and return to industry more educated.

Consumer research conducted by Nielsen CGA in four major states revealed that 66% of people say they have ordered takeout or delivery in the past two weeks.

Restaurant Business: What each state is doing to help restaurants harmed by COVID-19

QSR Magazine: Life as a Restaurant IT Director During COVID-19

NRN: What will the restaurant industry look like after coronavirus?

Delish: Texas Roadhouse Is Selling Ready-To-Cook Steaks….

BusinessWire: #TheGreatAmericanTakeout Offers Free Takeout for a Year

NRA: ServSuccess program courses are free through April

CGA: Take-out switch still leaves US restaurants under pressure

Saturday, April 4 – Sunday, April 5

We’ve provided the critical links you need to access the various economic relief options and CARES Act stimulus, and stay current on COVID-19 response measures.

U.S. Government: COVID-19 Homepage

U.S. Small Business Administration: Coronavirus Relief Options

NRA: CARES Act Homepage and Helpful Links for Restaurant Owners and Employees Economic Impact Payments for Individuals and Households – What You Need to Know

Friday, April 3

Today is the first day to submit applications for the almost $400 billion available in small business loans. Some banks may still be in ramp up mode however, so check with your lender as soon as possible to understand your options.

The CDC has consistently reinforced “There is no evidence that the coronavirus can be transmitted through food. ..” Use the articles below to create peace of mind for customers.

NPR News: The Coronavirus Small Business Loan Program: What You Need To Know

Washington Post: What to know about the risks of restaurant takeout and delivery — and how to minimize them

NRN: Best safety practices for delivery and takeout in the COVID-19 age

CGA: Britain’s drinking habits are changing under lockdown

eMarketer: Effective, and Noneffective, Ads During the Coronavirus Outbreak (audio)

Thursday, April 2

For the second week in a row, new unemployment claims set historic highs.

Brands with large reach are doing their part during this event: salad matching for healthcare workers, taco trucks as commisary kitchens, and today on National Burrito Day employees of essential services can pickup boxes of 25 or 50 burritos.

CNN: Record 6.6 million file for unemployment benefits

NRN: How Taco Bell, Chipotle, Just Salad and more restaurant chains are helping healthcare workers

The Wall Street Journal: Coronavirus Lockdowns Prompt Smaller Restaurants to Rethink Delivery

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Some of the top restaurants in the country are making a special limited supply of meals available for takeout daily.

DoorDash and Instacart are becoming part of our everyday vernacular, and concepts like Misfits Market and Sun Basket are alternative ways to fill your refrigerator and pantry. Independent restaurants may cede market share to chains, especially among pizza concepts.

Chipotle and major pizza concepts, who had been positioned for pickup and delivery prior to this disruption, may be good investments.

Forbes: Grubhub Offers ‘Free Exposure’ To Restaurants…But It Comes With A 3% Rate Increase

QSR Magazine: Trying to Picture Life for Restaurants After COVID-19

Forbes: These Michelin-Starred Restaurants Are Offering Delivery And Carry-Out During COVID-19

USA Today: Don’t want to leave home during COVID-19? Meal kits, food delivery ride to the rescue

The Motley Fool: 3 Restaurant Stocks That Could Thrive After COVID-19

Fortune: Left with tons of premium food amid coronavirus shutdown, restaurant suppliers turn to consumers to stay afloat

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

California lobbyists aim to put planned minimum wage increases on hold.

Operators work to balance the tradeoffs of profit and loss, food safety, social distancing in the kitchen, and keeping staff employed.

Brands and consumers work to support good and necessary causes with their time and money.

Yahoo! News: Will the restaurant industry survive coronavirus?

Eater: The Coronavirus Crisis Could Permanently Close 30 Percent of California’s Restaurants

Food Network: Anyone in the U.S. Can Get Shake Shack Delivered to Their Door

AJC: How restaurants are helping others this week, and how you can help, too

Monday, March 30, 2020

While total restaurant transactions fell by 35%, transactions at full service restaurants fell by 71% for the week ending March 22.

A Twitter follower from another state paid a chef to send 170 rice bowls to hospital workers around Harlem.

Taco Tuesday is being replaced by ‘Takeout Tuesday’.

NY Times: Restaurants Find Hope in Delivering Donated Meals to Hospitals

NRN: #TheGreatAmericanTakeout offers a second helping

NPD: U.S. Restaurant Chain Transactions Drop by 36% As Mandated Restaurant Dine-In Closures Take Effect

Week of March 23, 2020

Perspectives on long-term impact to restaurant industry vary greatly, with or without stimulus support.

On average it takes a restaurant 45 days to pay an invoice once received – supplier impact is just beginning.

Fine dining concepts are adding new dayparts and pivoting to limited menus that change daily.

“Most consumers would still consider getting food from the drive-thru, often viewing their car as an additional protective barrier from other people” (souce: Datassential).

School districts are sharing successful tactics and best practices to continue providing meals for students in need.

NRN: Best safety practices for delivery and takeout in the COVID-19 age

NY Times: David Chang isn’t sure the restaurant industry will survive Covid-19.

Forbes: How Restaurants Are Innovating During The COVID-19 Pandemic

People: Guy Fieri Launches Relief Fund to Give $500 Checks to Restaurant Workers Affected by Coronavirus

Food Tank: Support These 35+ Organizations Helping Restaurants, Workers, and Farmers Survive COVID-19

Fast Casual: 13 tips to consider when pivoting to a take-out, delivery model

Week of March 16, 2020

Some states are allowing bars, restaurants, breweries, wineries, distilleries and other establishments with appropriate licenses to sell alcohol “…if promptly taken from the premises before consumption” – a double-edged sword if extended long term.

Restaurants are posting their coveted recipes online for all to see, and offering ingredient delivery to boot.

Are franchisors allowing deferral of royalty and ad fund payments?

NRN: Restaurants ask consumers to join #TheGreatAmericanTakeout amid coronavirus fallout

Food On Demand: Practical Advice for Restaurants to Survive COVID-19

US News & World Report: States Boost Hospitality Industry With Booze Delivery and Takeout Sales

TechCrunch: Uber Eats waives delivery fees for independent restaurants during COVID-19 pandemic

Fast Casual: Restaurants offering creative promos to drive traffic during social distancing

Continuously Updated Sources


National Restaurant Association – Coronavirus Information and Resources

Nation’s Restaurant News: Coronavirus

NPD: How COVID-19 is Impacting Consumer Spending

Black Box Intelligence: Coronavirus and the Restaurant Industry

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