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Case Study: Zio’s Maximizes Promotion Results With Fishbowl’s Offer Manager Solution: Part II

Last time we discussed discussed Zio’s Italian Kitchen, we talked about their business challenges. Today, we’ll discuss how Offer Manager solved them.

The Benefits

Zio’s Italian Kitchen has enjoyed a number of benefits since deploying Fishbowl Offer Manager, including accurate data for measuring ROI, ease of use, the ability to target customer segments with relevant offers and reduced fraud through code control.

Accurate Data for Measuring ROI

The completeness and accuracy of the data captured by Offer Manager has provided Zio’s with a far more accurate view into the effectiveness of its various offers.

“We like having a faster, clearer view into which of Zio’s marketing campaigns are performing the best,” Griffith says. “Before we moved to Offer Manager, we needed to gather customer insights from multiple sources which was time-consuming. Now we can see check detail for every customer who brings in an offer and we have comprehensive insights that we are able to use for segmentation.”

The precision of the data, plus the ability to easily launch new promotions, or adjust existing ones, is helping Zio’s to continuously improve its campaigns.
“We’re making better marketing decisions with bottom-line impact based on our Offer Manager data,” Griffith says. “We’re using A/B tests to figure out what’s working well so we can do more of that, while retiring offers that produce a lower ROI. The real-time reporting of Offer Manager greatly expedites our process of continuous improvement.”

Ease of Use

Offer Manager has proven easy to use—in the stores, and back at company headquarters. “The servers and others in the stores understood Offer Manager from the very first offer,” Griffith says. “From a marketing perspective we appreciate that Offer Manager is so intuitive and simple to use. We no longer have to go to our IT department and say, ‘I need you to build a button, with these parameters.’ And we never need to touch the POS systems. We simply build the campaigns ourselves with Offer Manager. We can create our own offers whenever we like, which gives us the ability to continually tune our offerings for the best results.”

Zio’s uses Offer Manager to gain a more granular control over the offers it produces.

“For deeply discounted offers, we can make it a one-time-only redemption, and Offer Manager will give every customer a unique code so that it can only be used once, no matter how many locations they go to,” Griffith says. “For broader promotions, we can set the parameters so that the code can be used multiple times.”

Guest Segmentation

Zio’s plans to take the guest insights gleaned from Offer Manager to create targeted guest segments that they can mail to using Fishbowl’s robust Enterprise Email product. “A lot of opportunities open through using segment data,” Griffith says. “For example, we could look at members of our e-Zio’s Club for a specific store and target an offer on those who regularly come in for lunch, but haven’t come in for dinner. Similarly, we could look at e-club members who are normally regular customers, but who haven’t visited for 45 days. If the data shows they like lasagna, we could send them a special discount for that, just to get them back in the door.”

Griffith notes that the company also plans to use Segments for targeting campaigns at specific stores, and for adjusting featured entree offers according to local and regional preferences.

Reduced Fraud with Code Control

Zio’s was relieved to find that the incidence of fraudulent use of special offers has dropped  because of the precision with which Offer Manager tracks redemption—across all of its locations.

“In the past if we sent customers a one-time coupon for a free entree—for example to an e-club member to celebrate their birthday—they could have probably gone back to the same restaurant several times to use it and no one may have noticed,” Griffith says. “We’ve also seen customer use the same one-time offer at different locations.”

Offer Manager does away with these problems. “Now, with the one-time-use code, after the first use it is in our system as being no longer valid,” Griffith says. “Offer Manager also helps with our servers. In the past, a server could hit a random comp button to give their family, or their friends something free. That no longer happens, because they have to have an active code to be able to ring in the discount.”

Offer Manager also makes life easier for servers dealing with invalid coupons.

“Having Offer Manager handling validation reduces the risk of bad confrontations at the store,” Griffith says. “It takes the blame off of the manager or the server, and it puts it back into the computer, so to speak. The server can just report that the offer has expired and so the computer won’t let them ring it through.”