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Case Study: Zio’s Maximizes Promotion Results With Fishbowl’s Offer Manager Solution: Part I

“We’re making better marketing decisions based on our Offer Manager data.”
— Michael Griffiths, Director of Marketing, Zio’s Italian Kitchen

The Challenge

From its origins in Tulsa, Zio’s Italian Kitchen has grown into a chain of 20 restaurants in Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Zio’s has been voted Best Italian Dining experience by readers of the Daily Oklahoman, and won a number of other people’s choice awards across the cities in which it operates for its combination of delicious food, attractive pricing, and warm family atmosphere.

The company has long used promotions and special offers delivered across a range of channels to reward existing customers and attract new ones. Yet the company, as is the case with most restaurants, has always had difficulty in tracking the effectiveness and ROI of specific marketing activities.

Offer A, generated a redemption rate 10 times greater than Offer B, and produced revenue that was 17 times higher.

“We encountered many difficulties in tracking how well our different offers were working for us,” says Michael Griffith, Director of Marketing at Zio’s Italian Kitchen. “We couldn’t track the impact of one promotion compared to another, and we couldn’t accurately track the receipt value of redemptions. We couldn’t get the accurate numbers that we needed.”

The lack of precise figures made it difficult to justify marketing expenses within the organization. “We knew our promotions were working,” Griffith says. “We just didn’t know which ones. And this makes it difficult when you want precise ROI figures, but lack a system that can produce them.”

The Solution

The Zio’s team looked at a variety of solutions, including the possibility of deploying scanners in all of its locations for redemption tracking. Then they heard about Fishbowl’s Offer Manager™.

“We had already been using Fishbowl for some years to support our loyalty and frequency programs,” Griffith says. “So as soon as we heard about what Offer Manager could do for us we knew this was what we were after.” The company also was attracted to Offer Manager because it provides an easy to use complete solution from offer creation, through distribution, and redemption.

Zio’s began by testing Offer Manager, and was impressed by the results. One early test involved A/B testing in which the same photo and same layout were used. The only difference was the subject line and promotion offer. One said: “Buy One Get One FREE!” The other read: “$5 OFF Summer Salad!”

The testing found that the first headline, Offer A, generated a redemption rate 10 times greater than Offer B, and produced revenue that was 17 times higher. This was exactly the kind of detailed information Zio’s had been searching for.

Zio’s decided to roll out Fishbowl’s Offer Manager to all of its locations. The process went smoothly, as Offer Manager integrated seamlessly with the company’s existing POS systems, and was simple for managers and staff to learn. While Offer Manager is used to create offers for website and email distribution, Zio’s also uses it to track redemption of its newspaper and printed circular offers.

The company also values the loss prevention that Offer Manager provides through its tracking of redemptions using individualized codes for each coupon circulated—avoiding multiple and fraudulent redemptions.

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