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What’s Under the Hood of Fishbowl’s Marketing Platform? Perspectives From Our Tech Mavens

summaryCard&Facebook_imageHave you ever wondered what kind of infrastructure it takes to manage critical guest services for over 50,000 restaurant locations?  Our clients know Fishbowl as a marketing solutions company; they employ our restaurant-focused platform of software and services to grow their lists, manage promotions and campaigns, and maximize sales.  But what may not be as obvious is that Fishbowl is also a technology company, with an underlying infrastructure built for high performance to meet the demands of our clients.

Andrew McCasker
Chief Technology Officer

The challenges of technical performance in the digital age are significant.  Andrew McCasker, Fishbowl’s Chief Technology Officer, manages the underlying tech that allows the company to distribute billions of messages annually on behalf of its clients, with a growth rate of 30-40% each year that puts pressure on storage and bandwidth needs.   In addition, Fishbowl’s infrastructure must accommodate large spikes in demand around holiday periods, which means constant attention to performance and service delivery.  According to Andrew, “We know we have to go beyond the needs of our customers.  Consequently we ensure we have more than enough capacity so that they are confident they can rely on Fishbowl for the performance of their digital marketing solutions.”

Khalid Namez
IT Manager

The complexity doesn’t stop there.  Fishbowl manages the industry’s largest guest database, with nearly 125 million active, opt-in names. More than that, the number grows every day. The platform is on track to process over 2.5M guest redemptions in real time this year, measuring over $127M in guest sales.  These IT-intensive challenges mean that Fishbowl’s unsung heroes are our software development and IT teams.  Khalid Namez, Fishbowl’s IT Manager, oversees  the company’s infrastructure,  working with our technology partner, Latisys, to ensure an innovative, outsourced platform that scales to meet current and future requirements.   “From my vantage point,” he says, “I think of Fishbowl as a technology company.  We’re constantly scanning the environment to ensure our infrastructure is optimized for performance.   We have to scale everything from storage to network load balancing to backups.  My team members have to think about the future while keeping everything running today.” 

Andrew notes that the demands on Fishbowl’s technology staff are considerable.  “It takes a lot of talent to work on Fishbowl’s technology team.   When I hire, I look for the best and the brightest.”