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Optimize Your Menu.
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Our four pillars of Total Menu Management (TMM) are sales and profit; traffic (frequency and reach); executional complexity; and brand relevance. They can be used to guide decisions about menu pricing, product development, LTO benchmarking, menu positioning, and menu reduction. 

With TMM, we address business challenges like these:
  • Does the product capture a high level of sales and enhance or decrease profits?
  • Does the product increase guest frequency or reach?
  • Where are my pricing opportunities?
  • Does the product create throughput issues on the line?
  • Is the product in line with brand objectives?
  • Do I have the right prices for the right products in the right locations?
  • Do you have the right pricing tiers?
  • What pricing power do my stores have?
  • Why did I lose sales when I changed the price of one product?
  • How should I price a promotion to optimize profits?
How do we do this?

Fishbowl uses a combination of statistical modeling, pricing science, and industry expertise to deliver the TMM framework. We perform TURF analysis (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) to identify how total demand can be optimized by understanding the overlap of individual product demand and then selecting a product mix with the least overlap.    

Once we recommend strategies for pricing, menu mix, and menu placement, we roll them out using test and control to assess the strategy under real world conditions.

Total Menu Management uses these data sources:
  • POS transactions
  • Financial reporting

With Total Menu Management, we help you optimize your product mix, determine whether a product drives traffic, and identify any throughput issues.

  • Menu Pricing

  • Menu Optimization

  • Franchisee Pricing Support

  • Menu Layout

  • New Product Development

  • Product Marketing Test

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