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Quantify Sales Lift Across Media. Identify ROI of Coupon Distribution.

We determine the effects of mixed media investments and can guide clients to making every dollar more effective.

With Media Mix & Promotions Analytics, we address business challenges like these:
  • What’s the effectiveness of my mix of digital, radio, TV, print, billboards, coupons, and social media?
  • How can I make every media dollar more effective?
  • Are my LTOs underperforming?
  • How effective is my coupon strategy?
How do we do this?

We use advanced statistical models, we quantify actual sales lift resulting from different media channels, including TV, radio, print, social media, digital, billboard, and coupons.

We have worked with many franchisees to demonstrate the effectiveness of our media measurement.

Media Mix & Promotions Analytics uses these data sources:
  • POS transactions
  • Financial reporting
  • Guest satisfaction

With Media Mix and Promotional Analytics, we give you the information you need to guide decisions about media investments and coupon strategies.

  • Media Mix Optimization
  • Promotion Optimization
  • Channel Deep Dive