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Guest Intelligence enables a better guest experience.

Leverage check-level data and predictive analytics to uncover actual dining behavior and preferences of your guests. This big data analytics software introduces you to a 360°-view of your guest so you can deliver better customer engagement and a better guest experience.

Guest Analytics delivers guest-centric business intelligence:
  • Segment guests based on predicted similarities
  • Leverage engagement and dining history to predict behavior
  • Discover guest preferences outside of your store
  • Optimize media and marketing investment
  • Test strategy while controlling for individual variables
  • Measure effectiveness of loyalty programs, marketing channels, and promotions
  • Measure incremental performance with big data and statistics
How do we do this?

Our platform ingests structured, unstructured, and streaming guest data from myriad sources and analyzes it with industry-specific statistical analysis software built on our knowledge and experience of the most important challenges faced by restaurant executives. We have found that clients are often surprised to learn exactly who their guests are.

Fishbowl will perform data append to get a demographic/psychographic view of your guests if there is a requirement.

Fishbowl data sources:
  • POS
  • eClub
  • Payment
  • Online ordering
  • Reservations
  • Loyalty
  • Mobile
  • And more>/li>
Guest Analytics Benefits
  • Tag segments for customer engagement
  • Intuitive tools for data analysis
  • Extrapolate results of isolated test scenarios
  • Append demographics and psychographics to create personas
  • Optimize offers
  • Leverage single CRM for analytics and guest engagement
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