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Fishbowl Live! Data-Driven Marketing Part 1: The Business Case

There’s a massive change underway as best practices from retail and e-commerce find their way into the restaurant industry. These industries were the first to harness data in pursuit of... more

Webinar: Data Privacy: What Does it Mean for You?

Leveraging data about your guests is critical in the new age of intelligent marketing. Learn more about what you need to be concerned about and the actionable steps you can... more

Webinar: Intelligent Marketing Automation: The Future of Restaurant Success

Learn how leading restaurants are leveraging marketing automation while addressing key IT-related issues like: data and system security, implementation guidelines, resource requirements, and reporting. more

Emerging Brands Webinar Presentation Download

Discover emerging brands, trends and segmentation for 2016! Explore the metrics and methodology used to determine the top emerging brands; learn about the power of social media and unstructured data... more

Webinar: Menu Pricing and the Science Behind It

Fishbowl’s Chief Analytics Officer, Mike Lukianoff, presented the proven framework that he has developed for menu optimization and discussed how clients have used it to drive profitability. more