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On-Demand Webinar: How Restaurants are Driving Competitive Advantage in an Age of Marketing Transformation

Restaurant brands today face a daunting set of challenges. Building customer loyalty is increasingly difficult as new entrants crowd the industry, Big Data transforms the way businesses make decisions and... more

On-Demand Webinar: Highly Successful Restaurant Offers: What You Need to Know

Benefiting from years of working with restaurant industry clients to design and execute offers, it is clear what works and what doesn’t. This on-demand webinar covers the critical elements and... more

Webinar: Turbulence Ahead for Restaurants-Strategies for Navigating the Storm & Beyond

Multiple factors are making the already competitive restaurant industry even more challenging. From increasing labor to weakening consumer spending, to falling food prices at the grocery store, the perfect storm... more

Fishbowl Live! Data-Driven Marketing Part 2: Success Steps

Are you interested in data-driven marketing for your restaurant brand? But aren’t sure how to get things started at your organization? Watch our recorded broadcast to discover actionable next steps you can take... more

Webinar: Restaurant Winners Eat from the Big Data Menu

Tune in to Bloomberg’s webinar this Thursday, June 23 at 11 am EDT, to hear Fishbowl’s Chief Analytics Officer, Mike Lukianoff, discuss which restaurant chains are creating an advantage via the... more