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Create Stronger Relationships to Drive Better Results

The old “help me help you” definitely holds true in the high-touch, personal business of restaurants. Hear industry and Fishbowl leaders talk about the importance of building these relationships transaction... more

Restaurant Marketers Share Strategies for Personal and Relevant Marketing

Susie Bolton, Director of Marketing at Tavistock Restaurants, and Brandi Scaramella, Interactive Community Manager at Rubio’s Restaurants, share their strategies for creating personal and relevant communications for their guests. more

Fishbowl Helps Clients Win with Data-Driven Results

Fishbowl clients, partners, and employees discuss the role of data analysis and insights in the restaurant industry and Fishbowl’s expertise in helping clients achieve success. more

The customer is always right: Olga’s Kitchen listens to guest data to grow valuable relationships while cutting costs

Leveraging data analytics for success is a challenge of two skills: knowing the right questions to ask, and knowing what to do with the answers. Backed by data insights from... more

On-Demand Webinar: How Restaurants are Driving Competitive Advantage in an Age of Marketing Transformation

Restaurant brands today face a daunting set of challenges. Building customer loyalty is increasingly difficult as new entrants crowd the industry, Big Data transforms the way businesses make decisions and... more