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Offer Manager Is a Snap for IT!

As we implement Offer Manager, there have been a few questions that surface each time we start to work with our customers’ IT departments. We decided to share the answers and how we solve for these common concerns. As we continue to roll out Offer Manager across more and more locations for our restaurant customers, one thing is clear: the actual installation process for Offer Manager is easy and painless for IT.

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Installing and integrating a new system will take a lot of effort for my teams.

Offer Manager uses remote installation tools that mostly automate the installation process.

It’s going to take a long time to get an offer management system installed on each terminal in every location.

Offer Manager is installed remotely across all your locations.

Do I have to get Offer Manager installed at every location?

No, we have built in flexibility so you can choose a few locations to do a market test or roll it out across all your locations.

Who supports the users of Offer Manager in the field?

Fishbowl provides restaurant IT help desks with common troubleshooting and remotely managed diagnostic tools. The support escalation process is designed to solve for issues and minimize impact on your IT department.

Is this more work for our IT department?

No, our software is self-monitoring to ensure location “health”.

Does your software compromise the PCI DSS compliance of our POS?

No. To ensure our customers’ peace of mind, we had Coalfire, a PCI SSC Payment Application Qualified Security Assessor, audit Offer Manager and they found the use of Offer Manager to NOT affect PCI DSS compliance.

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