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Introducing Social Media Marketing by Fishbowl

Fishbowl, the leader in online marketing solutions for the restaurant industry, helps restaurants reach their guests more effectively on Facebook & Twitter with the launch of Fishbowl’s Social Media Marketing solution.

Part of any effective communication strategy for restaurant operators includes engaging restaurant guests on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media provides a great resource for restaurants to talk to their customers, and potential customers, offering incentives and promotions to bring them in more often. Until now, managing several social media accounts has been challenging for many restaurant operators, who have had to log into multiple platforms to talk to their customers.

For over 12 years, Fishbowl has been helping restaurants increase sales through their industry leading email solution. Now Fishbowl is proud to introduce Social Media Marketing — making it easy for restaurants to build effective campaigns to drive sales and loyalty through Facebook and Twitter, all within the same easy to use Fishbowl platform.

With Social Media Marketing, restaurants can now easily manage and post campaigns to multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts within Fishbowl Local. Operators can also schedule messages to post in the future, to help ease the burden of logging in daily to send messages to their audience. Social Media Marketing makes it easy for restaurants to view all of their social media activity in one place. [lightbox href=”″ title=”Social Media Marketing by Fishbowl”]Watch a quick video tour of Social Media Marketing by Fishbowl >>[/lightbox]

Restaurateurs can now expand the reach of their messaging with Fishbowl’s easy to use Social Media Marketing along with their industry leading Local Email Marketing solution. Fishbowl enables businesses to create high-quality marketing campaigns without any technical knowledge. Reward loyal guests by sending great offers, store newsletters and “member-only” specials, and reap the benefits through increased revenue, customer frequency and brand awareness.

Fishbowl Social Media Marketing — together with Fishbowl Local Email Marketing — now offers independent and small chain operators an easy to use one-stop marketing solution for creating, scheduling and posting campaigns and messages to guests via Email, Facebook and Twitter. And now, through Fishbowl’s partnership with the National Restaurant Association and over 40 State Restaurant Associations, Fishbowl is pleased to provide this complete email and social media marketing package at exclusive member pricing for a limited time.