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Infographic: CRM for Restaurant Marketers

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a powerful methodology that enables restaurateurs to grow sales proactively and predictably.  How does this work?  It starts by capturing data, turning that data into information, and using the information to grow the spend of your “addressable” guests.  Who are your addressable guests? The names in that database we’ve discussed before. You may find them in your eClub, loyalty program, mobile list, or through OLO, OLR, or catering.  They are the guests who  have chosen to share information with you – and they are your revenue engine.

We’ve developed an infographic here at Fishbowl to explain the impact of growing the spend of your addressable guests on overall company sales. Check it out.


Next, we’ll discuss the impact of growing your addressable spend and growing your list.  The latter has a compounding effect.   Stay tuned!