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Case Study: Creative Best Practices Drive Results in Email Marketing Campaigns

CarolineThis popular quick service restaurant had a crackerjack marketing team that knew its brand and knew the importance of running a regularly scheduled email campaign to stay connected with its passionate guests.  But even great content needs creative best practices to maximize results. This is particularly true when it comes to e-mail marketing campaigns, given the competition for your guests’ eyeballs as they view their inboxes.

Enter Fishbowl Professional Services. Caroline Smith, Online Marketing Consultant,  had worked with this client for some time, and she saw an opportunity to provide additional value to a guest engagement campaign that the client was about to undertake.   She offered to run an A/B test for the client, using the client’s creative for half the database and a creative modified by Fishbowl to reflect our creative best practices.  

What visual changes did Caroline and team make?

  • They moved the coupon click-through to just above the fold and extended the shape to catch the readerB--J-sales-Card (3)’s eye better; the client version was at the bottom of the email. They also turned the coupon into a button to increase click-through rates.
  • They shifted graphical elements to draw readers’ attention. The other creative put its food item graphic on the side of the e-mail, blending it with the edge. Fishbowl instead highlighted the full food shot. They added animation. To improve the click-through rate on the clients’ social media pages, Fishbowl added icons for Facebook and Twitter and animated them to attract the eye.

The result? Fishbowl’s version got more than 5 percent more opens, and more than 13 percent additional click-throughs. Increased open rates and click-throughs mean increased engagement and ultimately translate into incremental revenue.  There’s a real value of using best practices for email marketing.