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Case Study: Reinventing the Welcome Email to Drive Increased Guest Engagement


This casual dine client has used Fishbowl’s Offer Manager solution for some time to capture redemption data and measure promotion results. They recently saw an opportunity to further leverage the solution to see if they could increase guest engagement during the first 90 days of eClub membership.  Fishbowl’s Professional Services team, led by Managing Consultant Lauren Sadlon and including Online Marketing Specialist rebeccaRebecca Odell, worked with the client to develop a three part Welcome series that used different offers over specific time periods to drive behavior.  By segmenting guests and re-targeting after each offer was published, the client hoped to learn more about how different promotional campaigns impacted behavior. 

The campaign was structured as follows:

  1. The initial Welcome was sent as soon as the client joined the e-Club, with a re-blast 14 days after the first e-mail went out to members who had not yet redeemed.
  2. Members who redeemed either version of the first offer would receive a second Welcome message 45 days after redemption with a new offer.  Again, if the second offer was not redeemed, a re-blast would occur 14 days later.
  3. Members who redeemed the second Welcome mailing would receive a third offer 45 days later.  Those who did not redeem the third offer would be re-blasted after two weeks.

sales_cards2Through sophisticated segmentation and re-targeting, the client was able to gather significant insights into the impact of its offer strategy on guest behavior.  The client can continue to build on these insights in future marketing campaigns to deepen their understanding of what motivates guests to redeem offers, as well as how to bucket guests into the optimal segments for additional targeting. 

After six months of monitoring the campaign’s performance, the results were nothing but positive.  Open rates were through the roof, but more importantly, the Welcome series drove a 48% increase in redemptions, while average check size increased by almost $10. By using Offer Manager, the client was able to determine not only the ROI of each mailing, but also to segment and re-target guests.  This gave them the opportunity to refine the campaign on an ongoing basis, optimizing the results as they gained new insights into guest behavior.