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Case Study: QSR Client Pairs Guest Acquisition and Unengaged Member Cleanup for Major Engagement Boost

photo_HeadshotList strategy should be at the top of every restaurant marketer’s concerns.   Revenue generation ultimately requires both quality and quantity of a list.  Whether you are acquiring new members or deciding what to do about unengaged ones, list maintenance is the key.

This quick serve client has a very substantial list. But recognizing the marketing need to continually grow it, they recently started a paid online acquisition campaign that was driving new members at a fast clip. However, their engagement metrics were stalled. Despite the growth in membership, their list had a substantial number of unengaged guests, those who hadn’t opened any mailings in the past twelve months.

Fishbowl’s Online Marketing Specialist Angela Roedersheimer suggested that the client pair their highly effective guest acquisition campaign with a list “scrub,” clearing out the abandoned or disinterested members to improve metrics and ensure continued deliverability performance.

Angela and her team performed the following :

  • They identified the client’s unengaged members based on the Fishbowl criteria of twelve months of inactivity.
  • They targeted these members with a two tiered campaign, which included a “Yes, I’m here” call to action (CTA). Anyone who didn’t click on the CTA was removed from the database.

Thirty days after the campaign ended, the team reviewed the results.  Over 100,000 members did not respond and were removed from the database,.  The client’s engagement metrics immediately improved. The open rates of local store messages increased by 7.6% in comparison to messages sent prior to the campaign. Post card open rates dramatically increased by 24.5%, pushing the client above Fishbowl benchmarks.

CaseStudyThe results were impressive enough that the client now has Angela and team run a list scrub every quarter. However, this story comes with a twist. Fishbowl has recommended to the client that future unengaged members be placed into a segment for experimentation, rather than removing them from the database right away.  We have new data that suggests that unengaged members may very well be impacted by simply seeing the subject line of a restaurant’s email.  Some unengaged members may be motivated to visit a store, even if they don’t open the email.  Going forward, we are recommending that the client experiment with an occasional special offer to the “unengaged segment” to see what the sales outcome might be.