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Case Study: Promotions Manager Solution Informs Restaurant Marketing Best Practices

laurenFor this small regional chain, marketing for nearly fifty locations can be challenging.  Because of this, the company is always looking for innovative marketing technologies, and they have built a reputation as early adopters.   In 2012, they became one of the first clients to utilize Fishbowl’s Promotions Manager, a powerful software solution that tracks and measures multi-channel promotions, offering the opportunity to maximize revenues and to understand ROI across channels.  With its 360 degree view of promotions, campaign performance is no longer a guessing game.

The client’s Professional Services team, led by Managing Consultant Lauren Sadlon, recognized that with Promotions Manager in place, there was an opportunity to realize incremental revenues via retargeting campaigns.  Accordingly, she and her team developed a well-planned re-blast campaign to retarget non-redeemers of triggered Welcome and Birthday offers, incorporating Fishbowl Best Practices to maximize results:

  • Optimized email subject line:  Added a sense of urgency, reminding the guest of the time limit associated with their coupon.
  • Careful segmentation:  Used Fishbowl Enterprise to send only to non-openers and non-redeemers during the first week of the initial campaign.
  • Campaign analytics:  Used Promotions Manager to track redemptions. 

BWR sales cardThe exciting results reflected the power of Fishbowl’s Promotions Manager solution to drive segmentation for new campaigns targeting incremental revenues.  The Welcome offer re-blast generated a 38% increase in revenue; the Birthday offer was even more successful, with a 57% increase in revenue. The average check size of retargeted redeemers was slightly higher than the average of those in the initial campaign, while the discount was slightly lower. Taken together, the increase in revenue over the initial send of the triggered messages was 53%, a result that would brighten the day of any restaurant operator!